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About Candilyn Newell

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I am a middle-class girl who found herself eating dinner at the White House and a Palace – several times! I learned through mess ups and successes that manners matter in our personal and professional lives.  I look at professionalism as a way of living life with intent while creating meaningful relationships and meaningful life. It is not about rules or class distinction. For heaven's sakes, Ptahhoteph, 4,000 years ago, wrote it was simply about bringing people together. 


I am an introvert in disguise but get over myself to share what I have learned and am still learning.  I have a Ph.D., not because I am “smarter” but because I just could not stop learning. I am devoted to my faith, my family, my friends, and my students. I enjoy walking half-marathons (let’s be real here), reading, pilates, movies, card, and board games, and pop culture - you would be seriously surprised by my watchlists and playlists. I LOVE sports and have been compared to the 93-year-old March Madness fan - although I am not that old – yet! 

If I have 30 minutes of free time – does that ever happen - you can find me reading, planning the next celebration for my family (every month has something to decorate for and celebrate beyond birthdays), or figuring out what I hope is a great birthday gift that will spoil one of my children or 16 grans. I try to live what I teach four days out of seven, although my husband asks if I will ever get to five, and I assure him I am trying. He is also the one who says I am 98% gold – but you really do not want to see that 2%! I want to die in a bookstore, simply tipped over on the floor, beside a stack of books – hopefully not imposing too much on anyone, surrounded by great stories.

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