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I will never forget as Prince Bertil, the King of Sweden’s uncle, stood to speak before a large audience. His wife, the lovely, sassy and brilliant Princess Lillian leaned in and said in a whisper I luckily heard, “Remember dear, KISS”. I looked at Princess Lillian and said, “that is SO romantic.”  She replied, “Oh no dear, I was just reminding him to Keep It Simple Stupid”.


With this all my newsletters, I will try to truly KISS. I will keep things pithy - don’t you just love that word - helpful and meaningful.  I will share a story (or two or three), followed by the principle illustrated. I will add something extra, each week – a book I am reading and would recommend, a recipe that seems to be working well, a video that has caused me to laugh or think, or something that I am just going to work out the fourth week of each month. 

There will always be an invitation to act – because change happens with accountability, but please remember it is about progress, not perfection. I will take less than five minutes of your time each week but I hope you will think about the principle throughout the week.  Some of the best feedback I get from my students is that although the workload is not heavy, they think about the principles all the time. I hope you experience the same, knowing I will also be reflecting and changing – trying to get that 4 days out of 7 up to 5 ☺

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