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My speaking career, as it were, first started when I was asked to do a “cotillion like” presentation for a group of sixth-graders – teaching “polite behavior”. That evolved into speaking to small groups of young men and women, and then to groups of hundreds of young men and women. A University reached out and asked if I would do a workshop for their MBA students, then their Law Students, then their MPA programs annually.  I began a PhD program and knew I did not want to teach statistics – just thinking about multi-variate analysis makes me a bit twitchy!  My supervisor suggested I proposed a class to the curriculum committee based on my successful and well-received workshops. The research showed there were other campuses also teaching professional life skills through courses and workshops, and a course was born.


Now 14 years later, the course is rated as one of the top ten classes to take at the University, and the presentations outside the university in the several hundreds. My students have provided a springboard for additional connections into corporate consulting, including Fortune 100 companies, government, and work with the media as they make their way into their own professional lives, sharing what they were learned with family, friends, and colleagues. I am passionate about sharing the principles I have developed and discovered through almost five decades of public and private life.  I know these principles will make a difference for good – personally and professionally.


Michelle Kaufusi

Mayor of Provo

“Candilyn Newell is the ultimate example of 'classy'. I have enjoyed working alongside her and learning all things etiquette.  She has gently coached many in a skill set critical to our society.  As I have found myself in situations where manners matter, I often reflect on the abilities she has shared with me.”

Stephen M. R. Covey
New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Speed of Trust and Trust & Inspire

“Candilyn Newell is magnificent!  She is a tremendous teacher of principles that extend far beyond the dinner table and the workplace. She has the unique ability to teach others how to treat each other with respect and dignity in the home, on the street, and in the office.”

Bryon Arnegard

CEO, Epic Energy

"Candilyn Newell is an exceptional teacher. Her unique guidance promotes integrity and respect in various settings, fostering kindness and professionalism in both the workplace and everyday interactions."

Please reach out – I would love to have a conversation about how I might meet the specific needs of your organization.

For availability and rates, please contact Candilyn.

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